So far this summer, I have expanded my PLN by joining social networks, following blogs, and beginning to Twitter (gschwanke18). However, I have yet to begin blogging on my own. I have always thought about beginning my own blog, but I really don't know how to begin. What do I write about? Will I have time to maintain it? What will I and others get out of it? These a just a few questions that I think everytime I get the urge to start a blog. I would like to hear from others who have started their own blog. How did you begin? What have been the positives and negatives? What have your experiences been like thus far?

All input is greatly appreciated.


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You still could. Is it reasonable to send a summative end-of-session email, listing those stimulating ideas with potential follow-up? Or post them on a wiki? I'm not sure what your teaching situation was, but I've used this where I had the probability of building on a course's ideas and what we experienced together for a near-future follow-up class.
So, are you ready to start your blog yet? I encourage you to try it out now, before school starts up again. Looking forward to seeing it. :)
I'm with Donelle. Tell us the address once you create it, Greg, and we'll be your first hits. We'll even add comments (which are sometimes hard to come by.)
Hi Greg, that is exactly what I have been doing this summer. I haven't yet started my own blog and I can see where deciding what to blog about is something to think about.
Would love to dive into blogging but don't seem to have the time also.  I also joined Twitter and am trying to expand my PLN.



I think the best use of blogging is almost like a journal for yourself more than for others.  Blogs can be extraordinary ways of "talking out" what's happening in the classroom, of examining how you're approaching lesson design, dealing with issues, starting new practices.  Whether it helps others or not doesn't matter (because the best blogs out there seem to me to be the ones where the blogger records observations, almost scientifically, about his experience -- we the readers get to make predictions and conclusions ourselves).


Also, my favorite blogs are catalogs of stuff -- books, movies, music, articles, photographs.  Sometimes just updating once a week about what you're reading is a great way of keeping a "learning journal."


Good luck!



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