I would like to teach my students to use Prezi.  However, I can not figure out how to bring students on.  I have signed up as an educational account.  Our students can not verify an email during a sign up process, because they can not recieve emial from outside of school.

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Hmmm.... I know of a teacher who has all her students use her account. I'm not sure how this works if the kids are all working at the same time, though.

Have you tried e-mailing Prezi directly? Usually, companies like that get back to me within 2 days, so it's worth a shot.

Please let us know what you find out -- I'd be interested in the solution.
Yes, I emailed them yesterday. Haven't heard anything yet. I have really been putting a bug in the ears of our IT department. There are many technologies I would like to use, but have the same problem. I will post if I hear anything.
I just wrote a blog post about Prezi and other FREE presentation tools, if anyone is interested.
The only way I figured out to do it was by creating a group and then inviting the students via e-mail...but if you don't have e-mail, I'm not sure how you do it. Does anyone know if more than one student can be logged in and working on the same Prezi at the same time?
Forgive a slight diversion..

I am going to be bold here - I have read much of the PowerPoint vs Prezi debate and I wish I could see more discussion on learning / teaching .

Yes Prezi is very clever and one can create stunning presentations but I do wish everybody would remember that is is just as possible to create a dreadful Prezi presentation as it is to create a dreadful PowerPoint presentation.

It is the content and message above all - it's not about the tools.

I'd rather see something as simple but powerful as for example Sacha Chua's presentation on Web 2.0 at school than some poor Prezi with stuff whizzing in and out.

Sorry ... rant over ...back to Prezi (I created an educational account too!)



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