Hi everyone, I have been learning in one of my classes that one of the best ways to teach math is through a problem focused math lesson... What are your thoughts about these lesson templates? Would you use them with young students?

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I am hearing the same thoughts, and would like to create some such lessons. Where can I find the templates you speak of?
We have been learning about it in one of my classes, to my knowledge the template starts out as a word problem for the students. You take that word problem and work with the students to see how many different outcomes the student can get from the problem. For example, you start the lesson out with an Algebraic problem, the students will be able to first show you how to solve it using pictures, and then they can also solve it with number sentences, and an algebraic sentence for your more advanced students.

Here is a link to an article that my teacher has posted online about problem focused teaching


Does that help?

I think it did help. I don't know how you insure that problems are "real life" or just Tim has 3 marbles, and Jim has 4 marbles. How many marbles do they have altogether.... So, I ordered the book and will see what the book says about making the problems more real life. Thanks!



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