My school has promethean boads installed.  I know that most schools have SMART boards.  Has anybody used both?  What are the differences?  Is one type of software eaiser to use than another type?  In your opinion which is better?

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My school has Promethean boards.  I have heard that they are sturdier and have more features, but I'm like you and have not used both.  I'm curious what others think, as well.

Neither.  Look into Einstruction's DualBoard.

we have deployed well over 400 in our district and they are great.  Support has been good.  Also, the Mobi is an amazing tool, if you want a mobile whiteboard.  Much cheaper, too!


Our school has both, and in my opinion I think the Promethean board is nicer because it comes with the attached projector.  The Smart board has to have a separate projector that has more wires, etc. to work around.  Depending on your students. the Smart board is nice for students with special needs, because it's a touch screen with their hands vs. using a pen.  I think the Promethean board though still has more features using their software compared to the Smart board.
I'm not totally sure about the differences.  My school division has both.  My school has the smart boards, but most of the schools have promethean.  I know that one main difference is that the smart boards can use the finger touch to write or move things. I do know that the two softwares are not interchangeable.  I believe that promeathean can use smart but not the other way around. Our projectors are mounted on the ceiling so there are no wires around.  The smartboard also has a document camera that can do many things to supplement lessons.  It has a nice zoom feature to help the students see details on items.



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