Here is a great overview on how to use Facebook to promote your school as an online community for students, parents and other teachers. Does your school have a Facebook page? What information do you share on it? Share your school’s Facebook page link below.

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I think the students have set up a Facebook page for our school, but not our district. To me, this is just asking for trouble. Who knows what the students might post, so I would think it would be better to control our own fate and create it ourselves. As head of the English department, I set up a Facebook page for my department and we use it to get feedback from graduates and to post student projects.
That makes a lot of sense. I think a lot of schools are doing something similar. That seems like a great way to use your school's facebook page to get feedback from graduates and student projects. Also, teaching students about responsible social media and internet use is so important. Thanks for your comment!



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