I have some primary teachers in my district who are interested in finding some blogs/resources that are of particular interest to primary teachers. Can anyone recommend a blog written by a primary teacher that focuses on technology integration, lesson ideas, etc.?


Just to clarify, we're interested in teachers blogging about teaching, not teachers blogging with their students.




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I use wordpress.org, its easy to set up and use.  I have it linked to my school website. Its free and has NO advertisements.


Here is a link for you to check out : http://mrsjltucker.wordpress.com/


Sorry, this isn't what you are looking for... my mistake!

Hi Kimberly.  I write a weekly blog on language and literacy related issues.  I'm not sure it's exactly what you are talking about, but I do try to share a lot of links and strategies for teachers, so it might be worth at least a peek.  The url is languageandliteracy.org.
Google Kathy Cassidy.  She is a primary teacher in Canada - Moosejaw, I think.  Her stuff is incredible.  Her wikispace (one of them) is Log In to Literacy.
Thanks! Will do!

Have you seen Tom Barrett's work? He is a Deputy Head in a UK primary school (age 4-11). His Interesting Ways series has contributions from teachers with suggestions on using resources in the classroom.


I set this WordPress blog up for staff at my school : Digital Tools

Many of the resources here could be used by younger students.


A favourite of mine is WolframAlpha - for further information see this page and the useful links here including questions that younger children could try.



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