In the past we've used whatever we've wanted when it came to audio. Our local tv station wants to show our show. We also want to show on Youtube/Sell DVD's. Due to this change we can't use copyrighted music. What have you guys used for royalty free music? Are they collections I can purchase at a reasonable price? I know about Digital Juice, but they're a bit limited when it comes to current music styles. Have any suggestions?

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The following is a list of sites I have used before for the same purpose, although as you point out, some of them are time consuming to sift through in order to find something that matches your show or production, nonetheless, they are royalty free.

* PodSafe Audio

* Kaplaa
* SoundSnap
* Shambles: Sound Effects and Music
* Educational CyberPlayGround: Get Music Downloads
* Open Source Audio
* Incompetech Royalty Free Music
* Mutopia (public domain sheet music)
* Opsound Copyright friendly sound
* Find Sounds
* FreePlay Music (check for licensing)
* Partners in Rhyme: Free Sound Effects
* Partners in Rhyme: Free Music Loops
* Partners in Rhyme: Free Midi Files
* Partners in Rhyme: Free Weather Sound Effects
* Soundzabound Music Library

* ccMixter
* Classic Cat (classical music)

If you find any other really good sites, please share!
Awesome List!!!
Great List

Also would add Jamendo

covered under creative commons licences and you can license some tracks for commercial use for only a few dollars
You might find something you can use from this discussion in March. Good Luck.
Keep in mind that royalty free isn't always royalty free!

Very often these licenses have a caveat that says they are free for one thing but not another., for example, is my personal favorite for "royalty free" but I'd never try to sell anything I used there because their license agreement is so confusing. I feel fine using it and sharing it free but as soon as profit or broadcast comes in the licenses tend to change.



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