Anyone have experience with School Web Lockers?  I'm looking for reviews and thoughts on the product.



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We tried it about 2 years ago - we wanted a drop box for teachers to do more online assignments/grading and online storage for kids.  Not impressed with either part... we dropped it after just a few months.  

Online storage is way easier with Google Docs (and free).  

We are still looking for an online "dropbox" for assignments that does't require teachers to download all the submissions, open, grade/edit, save, then re-upload... there are a couple of newer LMS systems that allow for this - I'm looking at the Instructure Canvas LMS now. (in the meantime, email and shared google doc folders seems to be working ok)


Thank you for the feedback.  We may end up with google docs as well.  We mainly want a way for students and teachers to have access to files both at home and school.  Not sure if our district is willing to invest the time and money into a LMS at the moment but thanks for the link.

We use Google Sites. Each student has a portfolio with a "File Cabinet" for each subject.

No more USBs or million emails to teachers!

Take a look:


I had no idea google sites was that adaptable and versatile.  I believe due to budget issues our tech committee will be leaning toward using Google.  Thanks for sharing!
I too have been interested in web lockers and DropBoxes.  However Bandwith seems to be our biggest issue.  Any ideas or solutions about this.  I personally like DropBox but not sure if it acceptable for large school use.
I didn't consider that bandwidth might be an issue.  We recently realized that our provider was providing us less BW than we thought and its something that needs to be included in the equation.  I've also looked into a bit and it is now my pay site of choice.  It offers more than just web lockers and is aidable (for NYS).  Google Apps still seems the way to go with our budget constraints though.

It's interesting to see this thread.  I am currently investigating similar options.  I, too, want to provide teachers and students with online file storage.  I have been looking into School Web Lockers and I just learned of another option, eBackpack.


Has anyone heard of or used eBackpack?  They are a fairly new company and I understand that a number of School Web Lockers customers have switched to eBackpack.

Have you tried eBackpack  It is extremely affordable, more features than the other items listed, and very easy to use.  Plus it works with iPads and can even be set-up as a network drive on a PC/Mac to access personal files, class files, turn in work, and for teachers to pick up student work.  They just won a Readers' Choice award through District Administration.


Also interested to hear about ebackpack. We are a k+12 school in the philippines, and our grade 10 students are using iPads. Like most, bandwidth is a problem, so dropbox or emails are not cutting it for us. We're looking for something that will allow us local transfers. any ideas? thanks!



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