I'm trying to set up classroom blogs for our 1st grade teachers. I've looked at several options and I think using blogspot may be the best way to go. What I understand is the the teacher can create a blog- ie mrs smiths class blog. Then using the teacher's gmail we can create an individual blog for each student. Now this is where o get confuddled! Do we just link the student blogs from the teacher blog? I want it to be seamless. No additional password stuff going from teacher blog to individual student blog.

Can someone help me?

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I would recommend Kidblog.org. It only takes a few minutes to set up a class (including usernames and passwords for students) and it creates the class page and all the links to the student page. It can be public or private, and teachers can moderate comments or not. Several of our teacher's use it.
Thanks for the idea Aimee. I took a look at Kidblog and it is very easy. But, I want to add widgets and Voicethreads to the blogs. It doesn't look like you can do that in Kidblog. Any experience with Blogger/Blogspot
Did you look at Edmodo? http://www.edmodo.com/
Feel free to check out my instructional videos at http://youtu.be/EFhTN67F6hc (part 1) and http://youtu.be/MR5N1fQguBo (part 2). These provide honest student feedback and a how-to. I prefer blogspot.com over others. While mine is public and not protected, you may wish to add this feature to yours. Good luck.
Have you looked at using wikispaces.com??
Very easy to set up and you can create bulk users to add your kids.
We are using them at my school and are getting more and more traction as the year progresses.
Have a look http://ictpukeint.wikispaces.com/
I tried a class blog for the first time last year, using blog.com. It was pretty straightforward to set up and maintain, and I got lots of good kid-to-kid discussions going, which was the point of the whole thing. Here's the URL if you want to have a look:


Good luck!



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