I am looking for a classroom or persons to Skype with that will help enrich my classroom's curriculum as well as enhance my student's 21st century learning skills.  I have a 2nd/3rd grade combination classroom in a urban/suburban community in milwaukee county.  I am new to this and would like to pilot something that would help kick start other classrooms into the Skype world.  My students do not know much outside of their community, what a great resource!

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We would be happy to stream some content to you guys. We are piloting our live web streamed lessons (a quick example is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scWqPEwOT5I )

We use Skype, Adobe Connect, and Ustream (depending if we are doing a many, 2, 1 way stream to the classroom for the session) ... We actually do one tomorrow to New Zealand.

If you are interested let us know: rich.white@greenbush.org
Wow Rich! Wish I was as " techy" as you. I use a Smartboard and have made a few lessons but they don't look as nice as yours! I have been enjoying Skyping with our penpals in Texas and next month we are to begin Skyping with a school in Ontario. Do you have any suggestions? librarywork46@yahoo.com



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