Has anyone had issues using the SMART slate with a Mac?  My computer can see the slate (it's name shows up when it searches for devices) but when it tries to pair the two is gives me a message saying it can't find the slate.


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On our MS Server network my Mac can see all of the windows machines and virtual disks. It can read/write information to the virtual drives but it cannot interact with the windows machines because it is not really registered on the network. I can do everything but interact with other networked machines and appliances. My IT director says our Macs will never be registered on the network because the Department of Interior will not allow them on our networks. (We are a government school.) The Mac talks to printers, gets on the net, and collects email from the in-house mail server, but it will not connect to the other appliances. Even other Macs appear as shadows. Makes no sense to me, but the IT guy is a friend and he's not blowing me smoke.

What does your IT guy say?
Thanks for the input. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. I was told that we needed a mini-USB device to communicate the slate. Macs have a bluetooth built in. DUH! Thanks anyways.



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