Is anyone using them?

I have one this year and I'm just scratching the surface on uses.

The students really enjoy coming up and manually moving words and parts of sentences around.

It's not totally unlike the futuristic screen used in the film Minority Report!

Apart from some of the novelty appeal, I'm looking for ways to maximize its use in my classroom.

If anyone has any existing SmartBoard presentations and can share, I'd love to see some.

Info about SmartBoard technology is HERE.

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Robert, have you seen this site: Teachers Love SMART Boards ?
No. Thanks!
I don't currently have a smartbard, but when was student teaching last year I scanned in or re-typed some student writing/essay samples. I projected them onto the smartboard, and had students correct errors in front of the class. This was pretty effective, as we could discuss common writing errors as a group. Of course, I redacted all names, so we didn't know whose paper was whose.. Just one of many, many possible uses!

Hello Robert ... might give our little Edusim project a look - we just shared the latest version ... latest video demo is here: .. and the project web site for more info is here -

It allows for the typical digital ink, text etc. as well as 3D virtual environments on the Smartboard as well.

Robert, I struggle with my Smartboard... not the actual use of it but rather learning a way that I can get my reading classes to use it without causing problems walking from their desk to the front of the room and then back. As many of my students are three or more years below grade level they often walk in the door with the accompanying "frustration" behaviors. When you pack them in (which is what is happening in California with budget cuts and enrollment increasing) you end up with many students who struggle to manage themselves when moving up and around. Each year I plan on doing a better job using it... and each year I end saddened that I am not doing as good of a job as I could.

I will be following this forum closely as I want to see what others are doing and how they have handled this issue (if they have run into the same problem).
I'm so glad to see others already mention Teachers Love SMART Boards by James Hollis. It's my favorite SmartBoard site.

To delve deeper into the different functions of your SmartBoard, I recommend looking for some training. Our state has educational service centers located throughout the state. Your librarian is probably the person in the school who knows the most about them, if your state has them. Ours offer various training courses and oincluding how to use your SmartBoard. When I went to this training there were 3 teachers there who already had a SmartBoard for a year. During our first break I asked them if they were bored yet since they've been using their boards and the rest of us were newbies. One of the teachers exclaimed, "Oh no. We're learning lots of stuff we didn't know you could even do with this thing." I thought that was an odd statement until I started using my board and realized that there is so much you can do with it.

If you can't get to such a training site, then the go to the SmartTech Training page and delve into the training videos they have. There are also videos on youtube and teacher tube showing teachers how to use different functions of the SmartBoard. Spend the time to learn how to use the toolkit and how to make your files truly interactive. It's worth the time.
Hi Julie!

Thank you so much for your comment about my blog! You definitely put a smile on my face.

I thought I would also mention that I have an online training site called Teacher Online Training that guides participants in how to use the SMART Board. Currently, it's focused on using Notebook 10 to build authentic lessons for the classroom. Drop me a line if you're interested in looking over the courses and I'll send you off a free enrollment key for one of the courses. I should have 20+ courses rolled out by April.

Sharing is Caring!

Teachers Love SMART Boards
Our school has a total of 12 SmartBoards and I am also a Smart Exemplary Educator. I absolutely LOVE my SB. I have asked my rep if she would make a bumper sticker for me that says that. :) I have plenty of lessons that I would be more than happy to share. Also, go to . This is the official site. Once there, you can find all kinds of links, downloads, training, forums, etc. Great site. I'd be happy to help you out anyway I can. Here are a few more sites that may be of use to you.
Blog on SmartBoards
Great site for interactive activities to use with SB
Teaching with SmartBoard
The Smartboard has not improved my classroom situation at all!
I am still stuck at the front of the classroom with my back to the students.
It has increased my workload because I now have to take my lesson plan on paper and make it work on the SB.
I have to take courses and find extra time to learn how to use it.
If there is a technical problem my class is disrupted, I have to readjust my teaching and I have to wait for repairs.
It does not save the school board any money and it does not improve student learning.
It seems to be something that school board officials have latched onto to impress the parents and media.

I have long ago shifted away from the SB to just using a video projector.
I do my lesson plans at home on my laptop using many internet websites.
As a math teacher, my favourite and most useful website is
In class, I connect my laptop to this website via router, and project the image onto a screen above my blackboard via a bluetooth-enabled projector. Via appropriate software I can even scribble notes or highlights over the projected images.
I sit at the back of the classroom and can write on the blackboard below the projector image if necessary.
I do my class lessons via the Lesson Sheets on this website, and can save these projected sheets onto my computer for absent students.
I can print out Quiz and Test Sheets for student practice in class and for homework.
I can also add enrichment topics via projector or paper printout if necessary.
I do believe that this method will become the future classroom mode!
It is unfortunate that other topics like Science, English, History etc.. classes do not have a similar website.
Please consider my method and reply if it is not better than using a Smartboard!
This is out District Website it has many SMART Board Resources that might help you.

I find a lot of resources on the Smart Tech website. You can search your grade and subject or your can search by standards. In addition, I found some resources on When you enter the site, you click on Smart Notebook lessons.

Good Luck!



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