Our band director is looking to create a spreadsheet which will calculate scores from our upcoming county band auditions. I know the sum formula and can put that in a cell, however, she would like to put it into an entire column, without typing the formula or copy and pasting it 100 times. So for example, no matter which cell you click on in Column C, it automatically adds up column a and b. I've tried highlighting the column and typing in the formula, but it gives me an error message. Can what I'm asking be done?

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You can absolutely do this. Here are two different ways:

1. Enter the formula in the top cell of the column and press enter. Click on the top cell again and a small square in the lower right hand corner of the cell will appear. Click on it and pull down through all the cells you would like to add the formula to.

2. If you copy the cell with the formula and highlight all of the cells you want to add the formula then click paste, it should paste it to all the cells at once.
Thanks! We were able to get our answer and we've got a spreadsheet now.
Dragging the handle down 100 lines can be a tedious process and horrible if you had 1000 or more lines. Let me suggest an alternative. When you put the cursor in the lower left corner of the cell with the formula, the cursor will turn into a cross. Double click on that and the formula will copy down for as many rows as there are data. The data must be in an adjacent cell.



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