If you're a high school and everyone graduates and you don't make AYP, Is that bad?

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Lots of potential ways to answer that.

Bad because of the bad PR associated with it?

Bad because of the extra resources needed to address consequences?

Good because it may spur improvement beyond just graduating everyone?

Moot because we're shorting approaching a time when practically speaking no one will make AYP and it may become meaningless?

I like all of those answers!

It seems like the only "punishment" to not making AYP is embarrassment. (Sorry, I can't spell embarassment.)

To me, bigger issue is higher student achievement and higher graduation rates. If you can do that, who cares whether or not you make AYP.
I like our district's perspective. Indicators like test scores and AYP are part of what we use to determine where we place our focus. It isn't THE focus.



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