What are some ways that you get your students up and manipulating text/objects on interative white boards in your classroom?  How do you keep your student engaged while using a Smart or Promethean Board? 

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I use the matching, sorting, etc. options on smart board for whole group.  The students love these.  But I also have match paper copies with partners or turn and talk, this way they are working as groups or in partners as well and not just sitting there.  

Thanks Kate for the input.  I can always use new ideas for my SmartBoard to make it more student oriented.  I like how you try to keep your students engaged by giving them paper copies which also keeps them accountable and gives them think time before they come up to the board.

Appropriate  and the choice of an interactive website will lead to greater student interest.The interactive feature of any site will lead to greater student motivation . 

I always make sure that no matter what activity we are doing on the Smartboard that the rest of the class is interacting in some way or another. If one of my students is up solving a matching activity, the rest of the students are writing the answers in their notebooks or having a mini group discussion or doing thumbs up or down, or adaptations of games such as "four corners" whether they agree or disagree by moving to different parts of the room. I don't spend a lot of time or effort making duplicates of what's on the screen so I usually "think quick" on my feet and come up with something for the other students to be doing!

I like to use the templates that come with the Promethean software as a means of engaging students.  I also like to use a game called "Hot Seat" which tends to really engage the whole class in use of the board, especially when I have a student helper.



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