Today I attended my first webinar, "Introduction to Wikispaces", and really enjoyed every minute of it. However, I should say that it was only possible after some much needed help from the support desk at Elluminate. The night before the webinar I tested my brand-new iMac to see if there was anything I needed to do to successfully use the Elluminate virtual classroom. I'm glad I did, because I ended up having to contact them because the Text Editor application was opening a Java file. I poked around a little bit in Finder, but didn't find anything useful.

So, long story short, I thought I'd post the solution that I received from Lee MacLean at the support desk in the event that someone else may need to use it.

Thanks for submitting your issue, I think I can help. Apple released a new version of Safari and Java not too long ago which seems to be causing issues with a variety of Java applications, including Elluminate. Here is a work around for your issues until Apple can realease a fix:

In Finder, click on the .jnlp file you need to operate on. Under the \File\ menu, select \Get Info\ (File--"Get Info). In the resulting pop-up, there/s a section called \Open With\, click on the drop-down and select \Other...\. A new window will appear that looks very much like Finder. Navigate to your hard drive, select System, select Library, select CoreServices, and then select Java Web Once it/s been selected, I would also recommend clicking the \Change All\ button on the Info window.

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