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NECC is drawing closer and with that the buzz around the Oxford-style debate is growing. The topic, “Bricks and Mortar Schools are Detrimental to the Future of Education" is tremendously important to everyone in the field of education. That being said ISTE Connects wants you to suggest questions that will be presented to the panelists during the debate.

We setup a Uservoice forum where you can suggest as many questions as you like while voting on your favorite ones. The most popular question will be handed to Robert Seigel the debate moderator, who will then present it to the debate panelists. This question will be determined by you and your colleagues so start the discussions and get ready to help guide this important Debate.

- Submit and Vote on Questions here -

- Submit and Vote on Questions here -

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Here is a taste of some of the questions you can vote on...

Is framing the debate in terms of "the Future of Education" part of the problem?

If online learning is just reading and quizzes is it really any better than traditional schooling?

How do you prevent the flaws of the brick and mortar model from pervading a new model?

What does an administrator need to put in place to create a school culture that supports risk-taking?

How might a shift to online education affect the current and future workforce of teachers?

How would losing the physical meeting place affect those coming from unstable home environments?



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