I am working for a degree in Teacher Education, actually pre-k through 3rd grade. I have always been interested in getting a small tattoo and was afraid I would not be as eligible for a job in a school. Do you or anyone you know have experience with this? This can be open to any professions, not just Teacher Education.


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I think tatoos are a personal choice but there are also stereotypes that come along with them.  I have done observations in a school where some of the teachers have visible tatoos, it doesn't make me think that they are not a good teacher, it just makes me think a little different of them.  I would rethink getting that tatoo because you are trying to get a job and also you might change your mind as you get older.

I am also working towards my degree in elementary education, and I have a tattoo. It is very small and easy to cover up. I just got it recently, and before I got it I did a little research. Knowing that I will be working with children and in a professional place I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t hurt my chances of getting a job. Most district policies that I came across allow tattoos as long as they aren’t visible. So before you get one think about where you want it and how easy it will be to hide it.

I think tattoos have to do a great deal with the placement of it. You are saying that you want something small which i find is fine, but just the placement of it is where you want to be cautious. I myself have no tattoos but I don't see the problem in them as long as you can still stay with the professional look I think you will be alright. Also it depends on your school/ school district. I have observed a school that did not mind tattoos and had a teacher that was completely tattooed up, it was really nice artwork very colorful nothing inappropriate. And i have also observed a school that does not allow ANY tattoos to be shown. So I would suggest to also see what the policies are of your school or your principal.
Honestly, the issue of teachers having tattoos really depends on where you teach and of course the size and content of the tattoo. Some principals are very lenient and will let teachers have tattoos visible if they are small and obviously not offensive. For example, I am interning at a school where the 4th grade teacher I work with often wears sandals where you can see her small flower tattoo on her foot. Most children don’t even notice the tattoo, so it is not a distraction in the classroom. As long as teachers aren’t walking around with huge or offensive tattoos, I don’t see why it would be a problem!
Tattoos are always a subject of controversy.  I am a semester away from graduating with a teaching certification and I have a few tattoos.  Granted they are not visible and I would never consider getting one that would be easily visible, but I do have them.  Tattoos are a personal choice, and have nothing to do with a teachers ability to teach children.



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