I am working as a Teacher Leader for Technology in my current district.  We have a new superintendent who is very excited and motivated when it comes to technology usage.  He is so excited that he is asking that me and the other teacher leaders create a self-assessment and tech. certification process for teachers in our district.  We are hoping not to have to re-create the wheel, so I'm wondering if anyone out there is part of a school system that certifies their teachers in tech or that evaluates them in such a way????  If you've got any info or ideas, please let me know!

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Hey Elise -

That definitely sounds like a comprehensive task, but definitely worthwhile. There are many options, agencies, companies, etc out there that offer services that will do what you want, but for one school district, it may be quite pricey.

Are you looking to develop your own system entirely? I'm sure you and your other teachers leaders could create a technology proficiency survey/assessment that checks for teachers familiarity of the technologies currently used within your schools. You could easily create something through Google Docs and then have all your results easily accessible and sortable. How about having teachers maintain some form of a Digital Portfolio showcasing their usage of technology in the classroom setting? There are many places out there that could be used to host them or some services that could be utilized for a nominal fee.

I'm looking forward to hearing what others also have to say on this subject. Technology in education is here to stay and it's imperative that teachers not only have access to technology, but feel comfortable in understanding what it does and how it can most effectively be used to enhance the classroom experiences of students.

Thank so much! These are great ideas. We are looking for some type of checklist system. I think eventually we'll put something into google docs, but this is the first year of our tech plan and the first year with a new supt. We have very limited time to prepare the process, I thought it might be helpful to see if there was anything already out there that schools were using....
Yeah, I can understand your sense of urgency then. Our district is utilizing the ePortfolio system that I believe was developed by our state department, however, all rights to the materials are copyright, thus we are not at liberty to share its contents. Hopefully someone out there has been in a similar position as you.

A checklist system to identify teacher familiarity of resources, resources used, and resources they feel confident in using/ haring does sound like a great place to start....

Sounds like you already have the ball rolling...

Have you ever thought about just creating a google form? There are standards from NETs for teachers that you could utilize as the basis for your questions.
ETS has a testing product called iCritical Thinking which may be useful to you. We have used it with our Seniors and have talked about using it with our teachers.
I am not sure if this helps...but we recently did a PD day to help our teachers become aware of some of the new forms of tech that are available, as well as ways to use forms of social media in an educational setting.




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