Teachers Using Twitter in Class w/Students or Parents

Do you or know of teachers who use Twitter with their kids or with their kids' parents to issue updates? I'm trying to compile some good examples. Please add info here and share with others. Thank you.

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I saw on your google docs spreadsheet that you have a link for Districts using Twitter for updates but I couldn't get access to it by typing in the URL. Can you post the link, I would like to add my information to it. I have just started using Twitter to get information out to teachers in our district about Magnet schools and technology. My district also uses it to communicate information to parents. I'll also be working with 10 teachers from 10 of our magnet schools this next school year on a 21st Century Classrooms project where some of them will be using Twitter as part of their parent and student communication (depending on their grade level). I will encourage them to add their information when we get started on the project.

Greg Hart
Hi Greg,
Unfortunately, Google Spreadsheets doesn't let you hyperlink a portion of your text in a field. You have to grab the entire URL. Here it is: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pWq9EQUcdTfIfe1qBpNZzDg&... That link should work. Thanks for contributing. Lee
Thanks. I've added both of the accounts that my district uses.

I have not though of using twitter for the reasons given on your doc. However, that is a great way to use twitter. I teach college students. If I make sure they have an account, that would make last minute announcements, homework reminders, encouragement, etc., easy. Thanks for the advice Lee. Donnie Smith
Maybe you've already come across this, but here's a video and article on how a teacher at the University of Texas uses Twitter in the classroom to combat student apathy.

Thanks for sharing the video. I added the video to my blog and posted it for some of the other teachers on Facebook. Thanks!
This was a project done by a friend -- George Mayo -- using Twitter with a number of students across the world to create a story, which they then published via Lulu.





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