Hi all - Just wondering how much teachers use TeacherTube - is it worthwhile to post educational videos there that could be useful to this community? Or do most people just use YouTube?

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In my school YouTube is not blocked, but in many districts it is. I believe TeacherTube is the alterative for those. When I am searching for something, I often search TeacherTube 1st. On YouTube the promoted videos on the side may not be appropriate when you have to pull up a clip.
YouTube is blocked in our schools (shocker) but we do have access to TeacherTube AND SchoolTube. We are often able to find many valuable videos on either of those two sites. However, neither are as popular (or even known about) as YouTube.
I tried TeacherTube as an alternative to YouTube because of filtering issues however I found TeacherTube to be completely unreliable, horribly designed, and very difficult to use. As a result, I stopped using it. I was disappointed that such a good idea was executed so poorly.
Thanks for the feedback - this was very helpful!
Just trying to think of ways to help teachers find our lesson plans and our great educational materials.
There are alternates to youtube and teachertube if you are just searching. Several websites are setting up collections of educational clips!

Try http://www.neok12.com . Or any of these other sites (http://www.alline.org/euro/videos.html)

if you are looking to upload your own clips, you can get a website and upload them there. Try http://www.webs.com, although your file space will be limited.

Visit the Directory of Educational Resources on the Web (http://www.alline.org), here you will find links to webcams, virtual museums, virtual fieldtrips and many more resources to inspire you!
YouTube has a very rich, deep pool of content. The Department of Education and the White House have channels. As far as I know, there isn't a US Gov department that uses another website.

If you just want to share videos with a select audience, TeacherTube, SchoolTube or Ning are reliable.
I was just on TeacherTube before I logged on here. I found a pretty good video on Henry the Viii and his wives. But I would say that I use YouTube more often for my classroom.



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