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I'm a sophomore in college taking teacher education! I'm just wondering for those of you who are currently teaching in inner city schools, is it worth it? Do you find yourself getting worn out quickly? Furthermore, even though inner city schools are often more stressful does that in turn make accomplishments and student growth more rewarding? 


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It really depends on where you are. As I've said, NYC is so big one school might be a great place to work adn the school across the street might be a nightmare.


That being said, I will say female teachers are the majority so in many cases are treated better than the male teachers. At the first school I was in I ranked lowest on the "respect" scale in the students eyes. I'm a white male, I was the low end of totem pole in the student's eyes. 


Not every school is like my first school, not every school is like where I am now (150 staff, 6 men, everyone treated well and equally but students and colleague alike).


My best advice would be to go in with no illusions. If you are going to a seek out the challenge be fully aware it will be exactly that. The most important thing to remember is you work there and get to leave, the students live in that neighborhood. That sentiment is powerful when it comes to understanding the disconnect between student and teacher.


Every school is different in staff, student & administration views. As I said, women are the majority of the teacher population (especially in the k-5 range) so don't worry about the gender side. Go for it, and know it'll be rewarding but like most things it'll break you down before you get built back up.

My boss (I work in the inner-city at a charter located in one of the most troubled districts in the country.) puts it this way when speaking to us "We are on the front lines of the civil rights battle of the 21st century." I think he's right. Inner city kids are being disenfranchised...their right to a quality education is being restricted and there's nothing they can do. We owe it to them...who else will help if not us?



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