How important is your philosophy of education to your career as a teacher?

How does this philosophy contribute to you being a teacher?

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Teaching is something that has to be handled more interestingly so that students never get bored. There should be lot of activities that needs to take place along with fun learning. This can help the students as well as the teacher to achieve success with respect to the academics.

Every teacher has its own set or rules which deternines which teaching style this person use. Of course, there are external requirements and criterias, but when it comes to one specific classroom, it really matters what the teacher has in his head. 

There are many well-known educational phylosophy statements, such as:

"Teach them well and let them lead the way" and "Children are our future"

Personally I like the words of Aristotle: "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all". I think it's very well said. These words really resonate with my overview and my teacher's principles. 

Besides, in the beginning of my career I had some troubles because there wasn't a good mentor with me.

That's why I'd like to share a persuasive article with solid advice for teachers: I'm sure that new teachers will enjoy reading this and will gain more courage to enter their first school year.

Philosophy teaches you to see extremely difficult questions in things that many people tend to take for granted. It also teaches how to make carefully constructed arguments that draw fine distinctions and anticipate possible objections. Philosophy seeks to understand the mysteries of existence and reality. A philosophy major is perfect by itself because you can learn critical thinking skills and also reflect on big questions in life - in ethics, religion, aesthetics, politics & other valuable subjects. Philosophy deals with the most simple to define questions of life, it helps you to think analytically & encourages your mind to go deeper into a particular issue then you would probably have done without a philosophical mind. Majoring in philosophy is a chance to enter into conversations with these philosophers and your fellow students with shared interests in philosophy's relevance to today's global world.

Best case: - it opens you to the excitement of exploring fascinating puzzles underlying our experience of the world. At the least, it should improve skills in reasoning and articulating arguments.



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