Hello everyone,

Last month my district bought me an iPad to test in my classroom. Well, they are now wanting a report on the things that I have found out about teaching with iPads.

Tomorrow (May 19th) at 4:00 PM (mountain time, USA) I will give my demonstration. I am planning on having the demonstration broadcast on Ustream.tv if anyone is interested in checking it out. 

If you have any questions about the iPad that you would like me to answer, please just respond to this discussion.

Hope to see you there,

Brad Flickinger
Tech Teacher, Blogger, Geek.
Fort Collins, CO

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For teaching purposes, do you think there is a significant benefit over an IPod touch? Do you find that the "one application at a time" feature keeps students focused, or hinders multi-media work and multitasking?
i am very interested in having a discussion regarding this. I had our Apple reps here last week to demo the Ipad. I see a lot of great opportunities withe them. It seems like the most value is to have one in every kids hands as a replacement of textbooks. The interactivity of the text, access to the web and applications are very powerful.

My first question is apps management. If you have a cart of 20 or a 1to1 how do you purchase apps. I know you can sync them and push the apps. Do you purchase 1 app for each device? How do you pay for them. In Nj we must pay with purchase orders. We can't use a credit card in the app store?
The iPad is a great tool but right now I don't feel it is practical for education. Basically, everything you do on there is stuck unless you can get it to sync into iTunes.

At least there is a printing solution via Print Central although it still isn't ideal. I think by fall we should see something better for education.

Maybe in High school Biology classes where the visual element is striking. Like a dissection maybe.



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