Whats the best way to give out homework using technology if the child does not have a computer at home?

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It depends on what technology there is at home. For students with iPods, they can add a school calendar into the calendar app, then you just have to ensure it syncs. Another option is bulk SMS 'texting' the kids and/or parents. This can be quite practical and our school is looking at implementing this school-wide
I agree with you here. Interesting that Derek and your response mirror my own confusion about the question. I use the student's agenda as the primary conduit between home and school. I work in a middle class neighbourhood school but not every family has identified an internet connection in the home. I do not assign work specifically requiring technology of any sort. Those sorts of projects are assigned as Fletcher recommends, with sufficient time to complete in school.

My previous school was a inner city community school. Family resources were even more restricted. We have resources at school that can support students. I habitually work forty minutes after school. I often have two or three students quietly working on computer projects on the classroom machines. Public libraries offer computers too, but school computer labs and classrooms sit in twilight through much the afternoon and evening. I notice the gyms being used late into the evening though.

This is a hard question to answer because it is hard to do the homework without technology. I would check and see what other technology they have at home and also if their are any centers near their home that they can go use a computer. You could also allow the child to have some time during the day or ask the student to stay after school to get the homework done in the computer lab. It depends on the age too! If they are in middle school, then they could just ask their friends to use their computer. If in high school, they should be responsible and able to go the local library and use the computers there. It is a little harder in elementary school because they may not want to ask their friends to use computers and also working with the parents. The parents may complain about the homework, that the child cannot do it because of no technology. But if they truly cared about their child's information, they would find a way! Like taking a trip to the library! I hope this helps!

I would see if the student was willing to do the homework at school, before or after. I would see what types of technology the student has and if he or she doesn't have any, I would see if he or she could get a ride to your local library. If none of these options work I would just give this student a print out of the assignment or an alternate assignment that does not include technology. It is out of your control if you have tried your very best to come up with ways and then nothing works. I would keep asking around. Good luck!



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