Does anyone have any good procedure in place for technology sign out by teachers? I am thinking of creating a database but I'm not sure if there is something already setup somewhere for free.


Right now we are keeping track in a notebook by hand and it is difficult to keep track of equipment.

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We barcode it & check it out through the library software.  That might work for you if your library is already automated & your librarian is willing.


Rebecca, we have 5 kodak flip cameras that we put in the library to be checked out. I was hoping to give the rest of the equipment to her since she has the bar code system. I was just thinking maybe there was a good system that I could use and still be in charge of the equipment.

I created a calendar in Outlook that is in the public folders. Teachers can sign up for a block of time. I have all the prescheduled classes color-coded, then the teachers can see where there are empty slots. I have heard that others create a google doc that they change weekly. One other idea is to make a shared Google calendar that they can fill out.

I'm not sure how large of a staff you have or how many items you are talking here, but wouldn't a Google Calendar work?  It is accessible to everyone (if you set it up that way) and then you can make a calendar for each item or type of item.  Number the cameras and teach people to block their own time out.  At our school this is how each lab, library, electronics cart, etc are done.  We just put our name and the hours/days we are going to have them out on the calendar.  It takes a few weeks for everyone to get how the system works, but it couldn't be easier: open calendar, open the one that you want, if no one is already there, sign up for it.


I can see that if you are looking for secure over regulation, then you will need something more bar-code ish, but if it's just helping people know what's available when, the online calendar is the way to go.


Alternately, but along the same line, create a Google Doc Spreadsheet that teachers are shared to.  Have that be the sign in/out sheet.  Then anyone could view it from anywhere.



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