As a student teacher, I am required to write extensive lesson plans with several components.  One of those components is technology.  We are encouraged to include technology into our lesson plans, whether it is teacher use or student use.  Other than YouTube videos, I often have trouble coming up with ideas.  I have learned about some great tools in my current technology class such as Prezi and Scratch, but does anyone have specific examples on technology used in certain lesson plans?

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First I would look at your state's technology standards to get a foundation of how to use tech for many different situations. Also, check to see if the district tech director hold tech workshops periodically...this should be posted on your district webpage. 


There are so many places to go, but I'll give you this link to help you get some basic ideas.  Remember, depending on your computer situation in your school, you want most of the tech to be student-centered, rather than just presentation tech for you.


While your at it, if you don't already, get a Twitter account and follow teachers in your subject field to build your worldwide PLN.  You can find them here.  Classroom 2.0 posted your discussion on Twitter, and that's what brought me here to answer your question.  


Good luck!



What I do is:

1. Pick the content
2. Pick a product.
3. Choose the best tool for that product.

For example, 
Content: types of rock
Product: "Lost Dog" type poster
Tools: PiZap and Pages Template

So it looks like this:

It's been a great. System to get teachers to begin planning with Tech.
Now we are baby-stepping toward more higher order thinking skills.

The Bloom Verb Wheel is still very inspirational.



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