The use of technology in the classroom is something that has been highly encouraged in my classes this semester. What new technologies have you used in the classroom that seemed to work exceptionally well? What things have you tried that the students appear to like most? How do you work different types of technology into the classroom on a daily basis?

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There are good technologies out there that can be used in the classroom. One program that I really like is Prezi. It is a like a cooler version of PowerPoint. You can use it for presentations. It is fairly easy to figure out how to use and can be used in many different ways in the classroom. You should check it out!

Works well. The ones with stars are the ones that the students like the most. 

- Wordle

- Wikispaces

- Toondoo***

- Prezi***

- Extranormal***

- Tag Cloud

There are so many tech tools that you could use in a classroom.  Selecting a suitable channel depends on the audience as well as what you want to do as a moderator.  Are you looking for a presentation tool, a collaboration tool, knowledge dissemination, or something other?   Because Prezi is a good presentation tool but it may not be the best tool for collaboration among students.  If you are interested in fostering collaboration among your students, you could go with something a lot more basic like a group on FB.  It may sound very simplistic, but it could give you surprisingly good outcomes due to its familiarity among the masses – soit is less nerve-racking to get used to.

Digital Storytelling is a great tool that I have used this year to promote literacy.  Students are engaged and active participants with D.S.  They are able to produce great pieces that show knowledge and understanding.  Their pieces also show creativity.  I have used WIndows Live Movie Maker to do most of the work.

In terms of assessment, students are assessed on process and product.



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