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I recently used Edmodo in a class assignment and loved it. Completely changed my prospective on an online classroom concept. I was wondering if anyone has any additional input on using Edmodo or other collaborative type technology?

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Edmodo is wonderful! I have also created wikis for my classes in wikispaces as a class page or had students create them as assignments. They love the personalization aspect of Web 2.0. Another fun technology is Socrative. It is free and can be used on any mobile device. You create a class by adding all of you students, then you create questions for students to respond to using mobile devices. You can create quizzes or just quick curriculum based assessments. The response compilation is instantaneous. Wonderful for formative assessment!

Socrative sounds great I will look into that.

Edmodo is like a virtual classroom of sorts. You create the class, they have logins and personal pages much like facebook. Assignments can be dropped into the edmodo class to turn in, which helps if a student is absent. You can post, have class discussions, and they have backpack where they can store their work and homework and later access from any computer through their Edmodo account. Giving them a type of cloud storage. Go to www.edmodo.com and check it out.

I have not used Edmodo in my class. I will try it. Do students have to create their own account to join Edmodo. I have created my class wiki and my students are using it for different activities.

Yes they do but it's so easy to do, we did a whole class group project together on it

Have you used Trello.com, it is free and works well, in group collaboration  between students and teacher.  It helps students organize their tasks for group assignment and more.  The teacher is able to look to see which students are doing what and if the group is going in the right direction, in how they are completing the assignment.

Yes they have to create their own account but its very easy to do- as Kimberly knows since we did this in our class



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