Lately I have been thinking about how our classrooms are evolving.  As our societies advance classrooms are using less paper and pencils. I have been thinking about how to integrate technology in my classroom. And ideas? 

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Try having students typing their papers so that it is legible and they can get practice on the keyboard while using their mind at the same time. Also making power point presentations is always fun. There are also a lot of websites that have fun math/spelling/grammar games the students can play online.

I think the biggest thing is to learn the technologies and be able to teach the students to use the technologies.

Being proactive with the use of technology integration is a great idea. If you are trying to go green and use less paper and pencils, you can use various apps that different educators have developed for tablets and have your students form their letters, read, write and do any variety of tasks on these tablets. If having a tablet for each student seems unreasonable (and lets be honest with the grants in today's economy, it most likely is)  there are great, interactive reading and writing activities that children can use on a smart board.

you could have a tracing app for technology to replace the paper,  and for other things that use paper and pencil there are other apps to cover those areas.  also there are now online textbooks so the paper in books would not get ruined.

One great and fun way to replace paper is to use a smart board with an interactive lesson instead of using a worksheet to go along with what you are teaching. The is a ton of stuff out there concerning smart board integration so it should be fairly easy to find something that pertains to your subject and age level.



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