What is the role of the TIS in your district? Does every school have a TIS or are they district based? Budget cuts are affecting what positions will be available outside of the classroom. How does this work in your district? What else would you add as the role of the TIS? http://bit.ly/24tytk

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Hi, there! Checked out your website, and to see what a TIS is. Had that role along with teaching, especially in the computer lab, over some of my years, and around being a sped teacher earlier than that. Never got into the dept. planning, but plenty of the "help! I can't ......" I know what you mean about the 2nd graders doing searches and wondering what they will do in years to come. I had some 2nd graders doing spreadsheets, power points, and 1st graders using photo editing software. 2nd graders also corresponded with blind students in Israel. Lots of wonderful things those little ones can do if you just give them a chance!!!!

Wonder what your governor would think if he got emails from little ones all over the state asking for more technology and more sped services, or whatever else is being allowed on this first stimulus. But, you gotta get the teachers from all over the state to let their kids "write an email to the governor", and some talk about things other than the money, or you will personally get blackballed. Be sure to contact the friendly newspapers and tv stations! So many young kids are enamored of our new president, that just them writing to your governor about how good Obama is to help their schools, could make a nice splash!

Oh, and for some ideas on things you can offer to your teachers, check out http://www.educationalsynthesis.org ... I started the website when I needed things for the K-2nds to do online. It's grown a lot since I retired.

Keep the faith!
Thanks, Anne, for your encouraging words! It's just frustrating to see education being used as a pawn in a chess game. Thanks for sharing your website! It's got lots of great content that I will share with my teachers. I appreciate your support!
Funny, that is the exact name of my position in my current district, before that I was considered a Building Technology Assistant or Technology Facilitator. In my last district we were considered a "jack of all trades" not only did we teach classes to staff/students but we were the tech/server/network support in the building. If something broke it was our job to fix it. Priority level was this: network/school, teachers, students, etc

In my current position we are first level tech/server support and responsible for introducing technology to staff/students. W/ budgets cuts it is scary but I'd like to think since most districts are dedicating their resources towards technology and the eventual go of going (one to one), that the tech position will still be vital. Why spend all this money on equipment and yet have nobody to support it.

Here is my web page which might help explain what we do over here: http://www.greendale.k12.wi.us/kapuler_d/Portfolio_Projects.html

or my blog - http://cyber-kap.blogspot.com/
We have a TIS for our county, not our school and not our district. Our TIS is only part-time and we never see him~ the guy is TOTALLY swamped and distances are great here in our rural area. So our school uses me~ I was in the classroom full time, then they needed part-time help with technology so I helped out and it has become a full-time district job. But my primary role is to respond to tech crises, so we have very little support for integration. I'm interested in any help/info any one has!

ffoxworth, We have no computer teachers, or intergration specials at all K-8. We have a sys-op in each K-8 building (paid a small stipend) to do the easy stuff, add kids to rosters, check headphones, etc. If she can't do it, the ticket goes to a guy/gal (system analyst 1) who works in several schools. (five high schools have a full time system analyst) He/she comes in several 1/2 days a week.

For a district with 30,000 kids and thousands of computers thing work smoothly for the most part. We have an online HEAT ticket system. The teacher submits the ticket, the sys op looks at it to see if they can fix it, if not the system analyst comes in, if he can't fix it the next higher guy (system analyst 2) comes in. I rarely have an issue that can't be taken care of in a few days.

Our former superintendent was adament against 'computer teachers' feeling they were a hinderance to teachers buying into tech integration. She's gone but with budget cuts I do not see elementary computer teachers ever being hired. Speaking of cuts, all the sys op positions have been eliminated.

The only cog in our system are the teachers who think the 'computer fairy' will automagically know when there is a problem and they don't submit the tickets!! Always love a team player.
We have a computer teacher for 6th graders. We have a "Geek squad" to supply technology support for the entire district. We have a technology dept at the district level. I wish we had TIS at each school. it was taken away several years ago and centralized.
So how do we ever hope to usefully integrate Web 2.0 tools at enough of a level to impact and change education in the US, when we don't even have someone at our local school to help out??? I guess "one teacher and one child at a time" (although some of that "stimulus $$$ would be useful! But that should probably go to all those Phoenix/Tucson teachers who just got laid off~).
Clair :-)

Twenty years ago, there were miles and miles between teachers who knew enough technology to be able to get on the Internet. Today, I see so many teachers from so many places. It makes me very excited to see what "we" started. And, it will be the same with you. You will do what you can. You will help your colleagues who show an interest. You will help each other, and you will yell online when you are stuck. And, when you retire, you can sit back and say, "It was all for the good"....

Teacher have the ability, the capability, the interest, and the motivation to make Web 2.0 happen for their students! Hang in there, help is never more than a keystroke away!



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