So, I'm just curious.  I'm new to 2.0 and am currently involved in learning more about how to incorporate 21st century tools in my classroom.  My question is this: have any of you found yourselves limited by technology in your schools, meaning that sites are blocked from access?  If so, how did you deal with it and what was the outcome?  Thanks for any remedies, suggestions, or solutions you can provide! 

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Have you ever created a webquest?  It is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom and provide the students with the websites they need for the lessons or assignments.  It is quite easy to create. 


This site is a great place to start in order to learn about webquests.

Garden Quest


This is a webquest I created with a fellow classmate during my Master's program.

Plate Tectonics


One of the nicest things about webquest is they are always opened even after you have created and no longer have membership.  The membership for this site is only $20.00 for two years.  A great deal.


There are lots of ways to integrate technology into the curriculum without using the Internet.  Create a video integration presentation, a hypermedia presentation, or record a lessons or assignments using a camcorder, an podcast, or digital storyboard. 


Research the resource your school or school district does have in order to make the best of what you do have.

Sonya I know exactly what you mean.  I would love to use reading and math websites for my students as a computer center.  However, there's always a problem.  Either the site is blocked or the internet is extremely slow.  I've even asked about using wireless due to not having enough ports for several computers.  I don't think I've gotten anywhere.



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