I am the new IT manager of a small (220 students) Private Catholic High
School near Santa Cruz, CA. I am looking for ideas on creating a
Technology Plan. We have recently formed a committee and we are at the
early stage. Any views or opinions are greatly received. If it isn't TOP
SECRET maybe you could share yours with us. Or, if you are local, maybe
we could come to your school for a visit.


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Post Script!

Placement of the equipment is important! Please consult with the teacher before any physical installation.

I have seen many classrooms that have the tower computer at one end of the classroom and the "IWB Whiteboard" at the other end.....
There are many such irrational installations in New Jersey....
Dear CP!

I gain a great deal insight from our discussions. And once again, I agree with your points, but with a caveat or two.
Network infrastructure has never been a field of study for me, SO,,,,I never even thought about it.
Of course! That makes the most sense. Can you estimate the cost of implimentation?

The "Go or NoGo" concept makes a lot of sense. I was having a conversation with a Regional Sales rep of ELMO on Wednesday. His opinion was that all the systems available now, are either lacking in hardware performance or in software (response analysis). He had asked me if I thought that ELMO should introduce a branded SRS. My opinion is that these devices will be obsolete with the acceptence of iPod devices ("There's an AP for that!")or something new on the horizon.

In briefly reviewing the "Technology Sciences Outline" I have noticed that there is one underlying subject that must be mastered......MATH! The study of each of these sub sciences require an in depth understanding of Calculus. (A subject that I do not fare well in).
Education requires sequential knowledge accumulation....Arithmatic....Algebra....Geometry...Trigonometry...Calc1 Calc2. etc...Each course builds upon the skills learned in the previous course.
Here's a personal experience of being "in over my head". I decided to take a course in mecahnical engineering without a firm grasp of Caculus (My old Foe)...I lasted two weeks before dropping the course...."It was all Greek to me". The professor only spoke Calculus. Descretion was the better part of Valor!

Good Point about the consultation....in NJ, the installations are mostly done by the Vendor during the summer months. It was not my intention to implicate Tech Crew.

Since I was a 20th Century Student, I handled mass amounts of statistical data with long sheets of paper, a lot of pencils and massive amounts of coffee. It has been so long ago, that I don't remember the name of the formula, but it was sadistic work, some type of linear ANOVA...the brain cells cannot locate that particular protein string.

Thanks Again,,,,,JJC
Linear Regression Analysis? Just popped into my head.....UGH!
Hmmm...I had to beef up on the Discrete Mathematics and once again I have a minor course correction.
The design and construct of a device is engineered, which is not defined by discrete mathematics but rather predates logic theory by nearly 300 years....We can thank Descartes for my least favorite subject once again.
None the less, we are now splitting hairs...My main point is that knowledge is accumulated in a stepwise progression, You cannot take Algebra 2 without completing Algebra 1 and one cannot compare and contrast Discrete Mathematics without first understanding continous mathematics: Arithmetic, Algebra.....etc.
We are discussing K-12 Ed.
In Secondary Education, the "brightest" students may elect to study advanced mathematical theory...I don't mean to infer that they are exceptionally intelligent, but rather they have a mind the grasps Math concepts and applications.
College science majors and certainly Math majors, are more likely to take these courses
Wrap Up:
Can you estimate the cost of establishing a network infrastructure for a school of 222 students? Ballpark is fine,
Off topic question: Is you image icon a photo of Dr. Who?
I find the image a little disturbing. No insult intended....just a little spooky looking.
PS: I used to refer to it as "Indescrete Math" Sets, subsets, colors on maps, 4 and 5 dimensional graphs, infinity and my old heart throb, Statistics and Probability.
Thats a question for J Watson to answer....

Indeed, Intro to Computer and Infrmation Sciences would be a wortwhile course.
I wouldn't declare any Science or for that matter any core HS course as "merely" Introductions, but rather, they establish a framework for understanding.

You and I are running off on a tangential conversation. J Watson has requested advice...That should be our intented goal.

Well, is that a picture of Dr. Who or not?? LOL
HA! I knew it!

I was always more fond of Peter Cushing as Dr. Who.....from Hammer Films.

Now, I am curious about your new icon.....Don't tell me, I love a mystery!
Check out my post on the word "like"....That was a true 18 year puzzle.
More than a pet Peeve.....more of an obsession.
Always a pleasure!
If you will email me directly, I will send you a link so you can get a free download of my book, "Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan" that's been very successful over the years and has been downloaded and used more than 100,000 times. It is in need of an update, and maybe that will happen before the end of the year.

Best wishes in your efforts. You have received some excellent advice from comments posted here.

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, Founder/CEO
National Center for Technology Planning
Actually, my offer of a free copy of the tech planning book was intended only for James Watson, the originator of the query for this thread.

Others of you who desire you own copy may pick up the book from the NCTP web site (http://www.nctp.com).

Best wishes in your endeavors.



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