OK, I know that I want to get more involved in Web 2.0.

But there's so much to choose from. I know a lot of terms and phrases, and I'm aware of a lot of technology and applications. But I'm not really sure where to start. There's so much that I feel I'm at a loss.

I have a blog for my students. I've tried to initiate collaborative projects with other schools. But where do I go from here?

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My thought would be to look at pbwiki. It's a great place to get started with a basic wiki and it has a lot of options that can be very helpful to folks still in the classroom. With a little ingenuity you could really run a classroom through pbwiki, allowing your kids to post assignments, download assignments, run web quest all kinds of creative online activities.

Good luck,

My suggestion would be to spend a few hours reading through this site to get a sense of what others are doing. There's a ton of good information here, and you'll probably come away with some ideas you want to try yourself.

That said, I concur with Thom's response that a wiki is a great place to start. Their unstructured nature provides you with lots of creative opportunity for using the web with your students. I own and operate EditMe.com, a wiki hosting service, and would be happy to answer any of your wiki-related questions.




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