Aren't we taught to acknowledge the positive. I am tired of being called on small mistakes and never recognized for all the good work I do!

The old management style still prevails in many places 
including my school as well.

Try 'killing him with kindness' so to speak - when he calls 
you on the small mistakes, thank him profusely. Then test the 
waters - follow with a question. "Mr. Principal, as you're 
always so great as to help me with even small things like me 
forgetting to hand in the field trip permission slips first 
thing Monday morning, I'm wondering - what did you think of 
the science fair my class did? The children and I put so much 
work into that and we thought it came off great but what 
insights might you have for me on that?"

It's a reminder to him that you do other things than field 
trip permission slips but... it might also discourage him 
from coming down on the small things if every time he does, 
you hit him with a large question. Indeed, he might never 
darken your door again. Try it

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Thanks for stopping by....
I live by this " killing with kindness" quota. I believe that it prevents any sort of arguing and makes you look like the bigger person with class. Some people over look the good things one has done, and are quick to react to the negative bringing one down because one are not being praise in the moments you deserve. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. some of the teachers and soon to be teachers should know this.



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