For the past several days I've been preparing to introduce my classes to a wiki project involving a novella we'll be reading. I was planning on using Moodle because 1) we have it, 2) it allows me to set up the exact same wiki for 2 different groups, i.e. sections. Each group can view the other groups' wiki but only edit their own. This was ideal until.....

One of our tech coaches told me this morning not to use the Moodle wiki since it is quirky and has many bugs. I've already noticed a few such as not showing the most current version of page and formatting styles not sticking.

Now I need help. There are lots of wikis available for educators. Do you know which ones would allow me to have the same wiki pages for 2 classes, but set them up so that each class can only edit their own wiki? Or do I need to open accounts with 2 different wiki sites? I also need wikis that are not normally blocked by school filters. Any suggestions????

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Hi Julie
I started the year with different wikis for each class but then found it much easier when I combined them into one ( I haven't had any trouble with students from one class bothering pages from other classes. Even if it occurred, there is a page history feature that would show who did it. If you upgrade your wiki (for a fee), you can then control page access student by student. So far, I am very happy with pbwiki. No blocks, you can embed just about anything and it seems to be pretty user friendly.

You could do this within a single EditMe site. Simply create two User Groups and split the users up between those groups. I'd be happy to help you set this up.

Thanks, Matt. I signed up with Wikispaces. I'll leave a comment on Comment Wall with more specifics about my situation.



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