What are your top three cross-curricular web 2.0 tools?  I have some favorites but would like to expand my list, especially since many of them are from the perspective of an English teacher.  I'd love to hear from teachers who teach other content areas to expand my exposure.  Please comment below.  Much appreciated.

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Hi!  This is somewhat tough to answer since many Web 2.0 tools are so flexible...Are you referring to those that are subject-specific or explicitly state that they are cross-curricular?  Here is a PDF of a class slideshow that may be helpful.  I only skimmed it, but I know that the professor is excellent!  Good luck!

I'm trying to curate a variety of apps to help teachers from many different disciplines at my school.  For example, I don't use any apps for art, but I'm trying to look for some for a middle school art teacher.

Here's my app collection, but I'd like to add more to it to better help the other teachers at my school: 

Thanks for the link!

Ahhh, okay...  I used to teach Art!  In my recent studies have had to figure out how to make tools work for my content.  Much of what I find geared towards Art is very studio-oriented.  I would be willing to help (as much as I can) if the teacher could specify what s/he is trying to accomplish. 

Thanks for the links!



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