Topic 6: Chapter 23 and the different kinds of folks.

Topic 6: In chapter 23, Jem says that there are “four kinds of folks in the world.  There’s the ordinary kind like us and the neighbors, there’s the kind like the Cunninghams out in the woods, the kind like the Ewells down at the dump, and the Negroes” (Lee 302).  Scout replies saying she thinks “there’s just one kind of folks.  Folks” (Lee 304).  What do you think?  Who is “more” right: Scout or Jem?  Are there different kinds of people in the world—as Jem believes—or is Scout more right and that people are all the same?

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I agree with you Bruh because even though we have different personality traits we are all still the same no matter what. Were all Humans and there is nothing that makes us different from each other. like when scout says " Theres only 1 type of people" shes right because were all same.

I also agree with you.

Scout thinks that people are just people no matter the color. This view of the world is simplified, but true.  No matter what race, sex, religion or social standing we have, people will always be just people. Scout sees the flaws in humankind as a whole and Jem has grown enough to realize the social strata that surrounds him. However, Scout's answer troubles Jem because if she is right, the world makes no sense at all. Basically everybody should be treated equally, thats what life is all about. What would the point be if everyone were to be disrespectful? This is what i believe.

I kind of kind of agree with you because when Jem said that their are four different kind of people he said that because it was after the trail and now he seen on how Maycomb works its based on the color of skin and/or different race because of the racists people so that's why Jem would say that. Also when Aunt Alexandra says that the Cunningham's are the wrong class then Jem realized   that there are different kind of people its because of what he hears and sees.Also when scout there are only one find of folks. Folks I think she said that because she wants everybody to be equal and wants blacks and whites together so she can hang out with Walter more now I know that's not right but it maybe right. Also when scout said that there are only one find of folks folks., what Jem told her was then why cant we all get along now that is right because if we were all one then why cant we all be friends and eat together and get along with each other better?

I agree with scout more.

 I agree with scout when she said that "their is only on kind of follks.folks" because their is only one kind and that's us humans. Also we shouldn't be judged in anyway shape or form. I can see why jem would say that their are four kind of folks because he is more grown and at that time (1900) segregation was around and whites looked at blacks in a different way and the rich looked at the poor in a different way too but they shouldn't judge them on their skin color or their wages but should start looking at the charastists.i can also see why jem would say that their are four kind of folks because where he lives like his surroundings and where and when he grew up too that could explain why he would say that their are four kind of folks. Also people should be all the same and people should start looking at the similarities rather then the differences. So at the end everyone's the same and we are all human and live on the same ground/earth.

I agree with you, 

Although, I see where you're coming from but Jem is worried by Scout response, because it basically means that there's no logical reason for discrimination based on race or class. This contrasts with his view of the world as a logical place. That is why he is so upset at the end of Tom's trial: Logically, Tom should be found not guilty. Jem is very sensitive to how people treat each other, & his connection to Boo Radley shows that he understands more every day. Jem does not agree with Scout for that reason. He is just afraid and sensitive to how people are treated with eachother and makes him wonder why there are four kinds of folks.

I agree with Scout.

I believe that we are all human together. I believe there isn't such a thing called difference. Sure we may look different from one another but that shouldn't determine our differences. In my opinion Jem's way is not acceptable because i disagree to his opinion, everybody should be equal nothing should get in the way of equality. Scout says "there are only one type of folks"(pg 304). Scout is explaining that all people are the same, she doesn't see any difference in anyone. She is still a young girl but still has a solid opinion. It is good that she doesn't have a bad opinion on race and differences.

I agree with you individual. that "there are only one kind of folks. Folks"(pg 304).I agree with you because we are all the same in many ways and we shouldn't look at the differences more because that affects us as humans because then we will start thinking different on people with different color of skin or race. But  I can see why Jem would say their are four kind of folks because of what he's surrounded himself with and the because the hate that's been happening everyday in his life. Jem is much older and has more experience with everyday life and everything and he understands life more then scout does she likes to keep it simple with jus one kind of folks.

ill have to agree with jem, bc there are different types of people in the world. There are rich people, poor people, people of color, nice people, mean people, etc. and what scout is trying to say is that she only sees one type of people. i dont think she understood what jem was trying to say when he said there is many type of people in this world. although to give this backup Harper Lee  Included this in chapter 23: " "Thats what I thought, too," he said at last, "when I was your age." this shows that scout is just to young to understand that there are many type of people in this world.

Harper Lee all so says "There's four kinds of folks in the world. There's the ordinary  kind like us and the neighbors, there's the kind like the cunninghams out in the woods, the kind like the Ewells down at the dump, and the Negroes." Jem is saying that there are people in this world that aren't similar but more different than what we think such as having a different skin, a different way of living, and a different way of everything. in my opinon if scout took the time and understood jem she will agree with that there are many type of people. 

I agree with you that guy 9B on how Jem explains how theres many different people, depending on how they live and who they are, however I also agree with scout too when she says "theres just one kind of folks. Folks" (Lee 304) because in the end we are all humans and the only thing that differs is our personalities and thats the only thing you can label/judge someone by because everything else won't last and the only thing that stays with you is your character. when Jem replies back to scout saying "If theres just one kind of folks, why can't they get along with each other? if they're alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?" (Lee 304) this shows how jem views his opinion and the different kind of folks and why he thinks that .



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