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This site has been a significant part of my PLN for just over a year. I’m asking for your help. If you could pick anyone, anything, or anyplace, What books would you read? What conferences, workshops, or meetings would you attend? Who would you travel to meet with? Who would you fly in to sit at the table with you? Who would you pick to help you in your strategic brainstorming or planning? Who could help inject progressive, innovative ideas about the future of education and the technologies that will drive it? Anyone. Yes, I am serious.

Why should you care?

I don’t know if I can say why you should care about a project in Missouri. However, I do believe I know why you will. Because you are a bunch of committed, forward-thinking educators. Folks like us know the power of buy-in at all levels of implementation. Here’s betting that the readers of this blog realize the power potential of solid know-how combined with administrative support.

Please help. I could submit my own recommendations. I essentially do that quite regularly behind the driver’s seat of this blog. The articles I write examine interesting avenues and advocate passionate positions. My blogroll is a list of folks I rely on for new learning. I have a set of books on my shelf that were important to me, but really… the elements of my learning network allow it to be a dynamic, hyper-responsive, thing. There is even a pretty good chance you came here from the Twitterverse- and that has become a frighteningly good resources as of late.

PLEASE reply with comments here on the main post as well, as this will be forwarded throughout my district in a day or so.


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Conferences: T.E.D., Alan November’s Building Learning Communities, Chris Lehmann’s Educon, Joe Renzulli’s ConFraTute
People: Marc Zuckerberg, Will Richardson, Marc Prensky, Penelope Trunk, Alan November, Marco Torres, Will Richardson, Steve Hargadon, Kathy Schrock, Michael Arrington, Nicolaus Negroponte, Daniel Pink, Anyone from T.E.D., Chad Hurley and Steve Chen
Books: Here Comes Everyone, A Whole New Mind
Wow. Yeah- I have tons of information coming in that suggests Building Learning Communities is really really good........
From an Administrative point with concerns about budgets, EPEE Software for Teachers is a one time purchase, no annual fee, you get the whole package and it will run forever kind of deal. Non Web Based but can be used with or without a network.



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