Twitter for Professional development--how do you keep it all straight?

At the FETC conference today twitter was listed as the number one professional development for teachers. I would like how people organize their personal learning. I find me a creating a network, giving up because it seems too overwhelming. For those of you with an established personal learning network, is there a site you use to to aggregate all of your information?  How do you keep it all straight?

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I use Google.

I have a Gmail account I use only for work-related things. I then have my iGoogle homepage set up to pull in all my RSS feeds, Twitter feed, news headlines, email, etc.

Between the RSS and Twitter feeds I get pretty much all the updates from things like Classroom 2.0, Tech & Learning, etc.

Basically I've tried to set Google as my aggregator for all my outside sites. It's working pretty well, I'm pretty happy with it right now.
I use an iGoogle page to pull in RSS feeds, and then just try and follow my Twitter stream as best I can.

I think it is important to remember that you WON'T keep up with it all. It is a fast flowing river of information, and you are grabbing a cupful at a time. I try and keep my list of who I follow fairly focused, and I then trust that if something is hugely important, it will show up across the board enough to get my attention.
I agree iGoogle is a great source. I do have it linked to my personal e-mail but it's one that I use for professional things. That way when I give it out I am sure that nothing bad will happen with any of the stuff I send. I do not have a professional twitter account. I'm still not sold on that idea yet. Perhaps one day I will, but as for right now it's still a social thing. I'm moving towards it, but it's going to take a while.
Agree with Jeff - you just have to realize you won't keep up with it all. Using Google Reader and establishing a good stream of news, as well as following twitter (and participating in #edchat if you can) is probably the most you can do on a regular basis. When you have extra time, there are lots of other places to go. Good luck!
igoogle is the way, in this day and age you want news to come to you on the one page, not you finding the many news/updates from various websites
I'm not sure that "keeping it straight" is not what got us into this fine pickle, Brandi. I find that I get a load done just checking in when I can, like early a.m. before I work out, then sporadically during the day. Facebook is blocked so I do that from home, but the best thing twitter has done for me is teach me that I can't keep up with everything. I liken it to a river of information and am pleased to learn something, usually a valuable something, every time I dip a toe into it.

Learning is messy, at least mine is, and I'd submit that it's a pretty good way to go about the effort!

Have fun,
How do you create RSS streams on IGoogle page? When I can't keep up with my Twitter tweets, I check a few specific lists and specific hashtags. I also love to periodically check through the forums on this and Educator's PLN ning. I've gotten so many helpful tips from both places.
Set up your Google Reader account with feeds. Set up your i-Google page. Then add the Google Reader gadget to your i-Google page and you're set to go. Don't forget to tweak the settings on the gadget to make it as big as possible, use the balloon option, etc... Very slick.
Thanx Chris,
I'll try it right now. This is exciting!



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