MAY 2009 UPDATE: My fourth graders are going to be studying the states soon and will be doing research on one of them. As part of their research I'd like them to interview someone, hopefully in grades 3-6, about what it's like to live in that state and what they like best about living there. I'm hoping to conduct the interviews via video chat - with Skype or iChat.

If you are interested in helping us out, please visit the project wiki -

If you participated last year and want to help again, please update your info and use red text color. This way, I know who is interested in this year. The wiki still has the participants from last year.


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Do you have any times tomorrow between 9:15 and noon?

Our questions can be found here:
Yes, what time zone are you in?
Hi Chad -
I put some feelers out my grade 4 team and some are interested (we are from Boston, Mass). What is your timeline?
That would be great. Probably do the interviews anytime this month.
Any luck? If you can't get a class, a small group of students would work as well. Email me: chadlehman at gmail dot com
Hi Chad - did you still want to interview some Boston, Mass 4th graders? I can get a group together any day from 12-12:30 via ichat!
Yes, I would. 12-12:30 your time? Can you chat via Skype or Google Talk? We don't have any Macs in our building and when I brought min in, the network blocked out iChat video. I know we can find a way for it to work. Is any day better than another?
Hi! Hmm. I will have to troubleshoot our firewall for Skype. I know Google talk via video is blocked.
We do have windows live messenger too.
I hate it when this happens!
( :
I'll bring my Mac tomorrow and give it a try.
What's your email address and iChat name?
Hi Chad,
We are a K-12 district in Northern NJ. I could setup a conference with any of my grade 3-6 classes using skype. Let me know if you need someone from NJ.




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