Hi everyone! This is my first time ever on Classroom 2.0! I am a student in an educational technology class and I am doing a presentation over evaluating web sources and utilizing the internet in the classroom. I will be discussing how to teach students about searching for information on the internet and determining the reliability of that information. I will also be talking about internet safety/cyber bullying. Does anyone have any tips or information that they would like to share from their experiences on these topics? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

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Hi Lauren,

Google has a training site designed for teachers called 'Search Education': 

"With the materials on this site, you can help your students become skilled searchers- whether they're just starting out with search, or ready for more advanced training."

I think this is exactly what you're looking for and Google also has tutorials on internet searching.



Interactive online Google tutorial and references - Google Guide


A Google search on internet safety/cyber bullying should give you this other information. 


Sandra Thompson


Thank you very much! This will be a very helpful tool to use in my class. I appreciate it.

Cyber bullying is starting to become more and more of a big problem and I don't think students realize the long term impact of putting information on the web will have. There should be an emphasis on "if you don't want it to be public, do not post it anywhere on the web."

I totally agree with you, Evan.  

Students need to be aware that employers are now asking to access social media passwords as part of the interview process.  I don't agree with this practice for issues of privacy and civil rights but do understand that employing the wrong person is costly on many levels.

Bullying is an ugly facet of human nature.  Social media has given birth to the 'troll' and feeds the bully with anonymity.  Educators can only arm students with coping strategies.  Eliminating the gene?




Hi, I used onlineteaching.blogspot.com.  It lists 100 Blogs ever teacher should know.

Hi Lucy,

As a teacher in training I have seen several teachers using students research on the internet techniques used. The best outcome I sam was when the task was clearly explained, the boundaries set where they could go (more actually where they should not go) and a time target. Students liked the freedom and responded well with outcome being well worth the effort.

I guess the risk when students are left with little guidance.

Roland Baggott



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