From @rmbyrne's blog and tweets on Twitter I found his blog post about embedding Voicethread into Moodle.  Looks interesting, I hope to check into it more.  Have others tried it yet?

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I have used VoiceThread extensively in our Moodle courses both as a way to provide content and as assignemnts for students. It is a terrific tool. I don't embed much though. I will embed course FAQs so that they are easy to spot, but I generally just link to the content lectures so that the course page doesn't get too loaded up with videos. I have VT'ed all of my course lectures so that students working at their own pace and students in the live class option that must miss a day can all use them to get the content. I have made over 400 of them, so I guess you could say I am a big fan of the tool. lol

You can get a class/school account and set up accounts for students to make it easy for students to work together. You can set up groups that they can drag and drop their work to so that classmates can see their finished projects. As an admin, you can even see their work as they are developing their VTs.

VoiceThread has a beta activity module in which you can assign Moodle activities to students of making VTs and you can grade them. I have inquired about the beta program and have been approved for participation, but I haven't yet had time to do the next step to get the plug-in with playing admin of the site, secretary, trainer, course developer, and teacher - way too many hats on my head for my own good. But the admin, secretary, and trainer roles are settling down now that we are in to the year a bit and I am looking forward to focusing more on the course development and teaching side that I love. I should get a chance to try the plug in soon.

Tammy Moore
I have used the filter on our Moodle for VoiceThread for years and love it. I purchased a school site license this past year and have been very happy with the cost and the LDAP integration. It is a perfect Software as a Service solution. I have looked at the Moodle Activity and it is in beta for a reason as with our LDAP implementation we seem to have an error. They are fantastic to work with and use it every day. I am having students in my 5th grade technology class create portfolios using VT.



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