I am looking for a way to provide a newsletter for staff that can embed video's.  I'm thinking that a wiki might do what I want but I can't figure out how to find the embed language on some video's.  It's easy to find on youtube and teachertube but not on my own homemade video's.  Do I need to upload them into youtube to embed them on a wiki?

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It's easier to upload to a service like youtube and get the embed code. However, youtube and other video services routinely get blocked by school districts.
Find it on wikis? Just look for the icon to embed html. On videos? Look for the embed code, the code, or the html thingy. No you don't need to upload to youtube to use in a wiki, although youtube does play better than most. Which wikis are you using? Wikispaces is the easiest, i think. Use the blue icon, choose other, then paste the html code in the big white box and click save TWICE. You will then see your video.
Thanks for the quick response. I will try again to locate the embed code.
If you need to upload your own video, I find www.vimeo.com a great site. They allow you to have one high definition video per week and you can upload many non HD videos per week for free. They give you an embed code once your video is uploaded. They have a free and paid for service. So far, the free service has worked well for me.
Thank you. That is going to work great.
You're welcome. I've used it myself and it's worked well.



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