After you review rules and procedures what do you like to do with students in grades KG- 5th on first day? I  would like to use a website or web 2.0 tool? Any ideas? Thanks!

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With the older students you could start them off with their biographies. If using PPT, give each student one slide. Have them find an image in Flicrk creative commons or take a picture or do a piece of artwork (which you'd scan in) that illustrates something about them. Then each can type in their own story. If you compile these into on PPT, then post to Slideboom and embed in a class blog. Send the link home to parents.Or have them introduce themselves verbally using something like Blabberize. They can script their introductions, pick a CC image or bring in a picture of their own pet (avoid personal pics) and you can collect all the links on your class website/blog. Alternatively, you could have them create riddles by giving information about themselves and not revealing their identities. Then they could take turns trying to figure out who the slide pertains to.


For the little kids have them do the picture and writing by hand. Scan these and load into a ppt for them. Finish the same way. Or get a class gmail account (set the account name and password the same to make it easy to recall). Register with Kerpoof! using that gmail address and use it as a class account. There are lots of easy tools to play with and the results can be saved and then displayed later. This way they will learn how to create a title that works in a class account. Some of this may work better if you purchase a small tablet (Wacom Bamboo) and then they can also practice printing skills.


You could also try Storybird.



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