Does anyone know of a multimedia rich assessment template that can supplement the traditional report card system for parent conferences and showcase the authentic skills and learning not typically addressed in school. I am familiar with "EdCube" from Australia. Would love to hear comments from anyone using it, or other alternative assessment tools. Anyone heard of others?? Thanks.

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I hope you'll consider GradePad, an iPhone app for performance assessment. The mobile app comes with assessments on authentic skills: teamwork, interpersonal skills, as well as multimedia projects...The website,, includes 50 other assessment rubrics including Multimedia projects.

Thanks Mike. I wasn't aware of this.
It was just released on June 1.

It was listed as Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day on June 2.
Great way to spruik your own product champ. Becasue when you st it was mentioned, that was in response to you contacting the author of that blog.
"Mike, from emailed me about GradePad..." Maybe you should alert people to the fact that it is your product that you are letting people know about.
That seems to be a $2 per kid investment ($3k to 6k) (assuming 500 to 1000 kids) over a 3 year time frame.

You could actually use Google docs (their form generator) or another free form generator online to create a free solution.
Although, depending on how you created it, you might have to print out your results as opposed to giving the parents a log-in.

Finally, offers some templates, although you could certainly use Zoho to create your forms.

A wiki with a private log-in (which you would lay your own template on) seems to provide your solution--as long as they give educational institutions free hosting + access.
I have developed a mega Multi-Use Project Rubric --> The idea is that you can either copy the parts of the table you want to use into another table or delete the lines you do not need. I have used a strange numbering system because it aligns pretty closely with the letter grade system we use here in BC Canada. Perhaps it will help you.
Sue's post reminded me of this resource:
which has individual assessments for individual components.
It's a nice connection Nathan, but I'm finding some of the the actual rubrics there hard to read. I guess that means one is supposed to buy the book! What I did like was that there was a section that required the 'assessor' to put evidence for their evaluation. That kind of feedback is really important.
Also check out Rubistar - nice tool for creating paper rubrics from the web. Maybe someone could come up with a completely online version?
We have come up with a completely online version at and it's free to individuals. You can build simple or complex rubrics, grade them online, re-purpose existing ones (currently over 78,000 rubrics), use the customizable template to print, and distribute graded rubrics to students.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.
Here are some examples of real student work (from a UK ICT course) that make a great way to show off student work to parents. They are used here with permission; identity details have been falsified but otherwise the work is exactly as submitted by the students.
They were created on Yacapaca, which is completely free. If you want any help exploring it, just let me know.
Readers of this thread may also be interested in a new system, QCommons, that is an open-source platform for sharing assessment and practice materials. The first topic area, Chemistry, is now live at

This project is part of my dissertation and I welcome any and all feedback on it. More details are in this blog post,



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