I was just wondering if there is a web 2.0 tool out there that will allow you to store videos in a "youtube-like" format. Our school is looking to have a place to store and access "how-to" videos for teachers and students.

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One that we are currently using is vimeo.com. Pretty decent. One the free side it does have a 500MB a week upload limit. for 60 dollars a year it has a 5GB weekly limit. Pretty cheap for that kind of storage. Witht the 60 you also get some neat widgets to display your video's in.
My division maintains a video server. Except for their file size limitations I think it works very well. I think it is osTube. I find the uploads and processing much faster than YouTube.

I am using it with my students to upload videos for their digital portfolios. They can capture the embed code and put it in their wikispaces portfolios the same way they would a YouTube video.
We currently use vimeo to put up student created videos in our video production class. We post the athletic events, choir concerts, etc. as well as a 20 minute show twice a month about different events in the high school. Additionally we post board meetings as a school district. Future use includes a place to post other student created work. Four example, our third grade students are working on Photostory's about states of matter. Last year our kindergarten students did a digital Storytelling project. We didn't post, but I do have samples.
Hi Daniel,
I'd love to see your samples. Could you post a link.
Thanx for sharing!
This is an old thread but it just came up when I searched for Vimeo. I would like to use Vimeo (or SchoolTube) to publish student-created videos just as you've described. I would love to hear more about how you set this up. Did you create a channel or a group for your school? Can multiple people upload videos to one channel or do you need to do all the uploading from your account? Can you do this with the free account or did you need to upgrade to a paid subscription?

Thank you for your help!
Thank you everyone for sharing. I will check the vimeo, wikispaces, and osTube websites.
Check out the broadcast and share section of this post. It includes some more teacher friendly video hosting sites like teachertube.com, schooltube.com, etc.
Teachertube and Schooltube will be of great help.



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