Welcome to our NEW Voicethread for Educators Group!  Please take a minute to say hi, what you teach, ideas for this group, maybe a VT or two, and of course, your Twitter/Plurk other Social Networking site handle that you may use.
Good luck and once again welcome.


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Hi Will,
I see you are in the middle east and I have a 2nd grade teachers who would like to do some collaboration with another classroom. Is that something one of your teachers might want to do? We are in Kansas.
Hey, my name is Lisa Mims and I teach 5th grade in New Castle,DE. I have been teaching for 26 years, but still have a passion for teaching! I just learned about VT and I am very excited about using it this year! My class web page is
Any ideas I can get on using VT would be appreciated.
Good luck with VT and this Ning group. I like the webpage and see you do Vocab Lists. I would think you could build Voicthread's around those words. A couple ways, putting a picture to describe the word and having students write out what the word is. *You can moderate comments so they don't see what others wrote*. Or, simply uploading a word (or multiple) as a Word document and then having them use the words in a sentence? Just some ideas? I'm sure others have ideas. I know a few districts here love using Spelling City as well.
Good luck.

Thanks Mark. Those are great ideas, something to liven up the Vocabulary words.
Hi everyone! I used to use Voicethread before. Now, I am going to use it as I am going to have more stories published and have my students really involved in using technology. Glad to have you also doing voicethread...
Name: Jim Cottrell/ Bouncing positions but I will be teaching 7th grade Life Science in Twentynine Palms, CA.
I am a big Voicethread advocate- I'm Barbara De Santis and I support technology in our district (K-12, 7 schools). From special education students, to math, to Spanish, to Mother's Day greetings- our staff uses Voicethread. It is easy to learn- I think that is a big reason why many teachers continue to use it. With the addition of video, I had a class film and thread their baby chicks hatching!
Howdy! I'm Kimberly James and am an assistant professor of music at the University of Montana. I created a group project for my philosophy of music course using VT. Some of my students loved it - others don't seem interested in group work or social networking tools. Ah well. I'm hoping to use VT again this coming year in my voice diction courses. We shall see . . .

I've twittered. I've plurked. I've friend feeded. I've blogged. Can't keep up, so I'll not share those handles/addresses for now. Looking forward to learning from you all!
Hi, I'm a children's author interested in using Voicethread (and other Web 2.0 tools) for writing workshops and as part of my school visits and in online instruction. I've spent years as a teaching artist in classrooms, communit organizations, etc.; I got my Master's in Educational Technology and love working with students (early childhood-secondary school) to combine creative writing and multimedia authoring techniques.

my Web site: http://wwww.olugbemisola.com
Hi - I'm an academic reference librarian and have consulted with a private K-8 school for gifted & talented students. I'm part of the planning team for our upcoming regional g/t conference, New England Conference on the Gifted and Talented, 21-23 October, in Hartford, CT. We have several technology workshops scheduled. I see technology, especially the "social" tools as a vital way for g/t students to be a part of a community of interest which is often geographically disconnected.
Hi, My name is Janice Friesen. I work in an elementary school in Austin, TX. I am always looking for ways to excite the teachers I work with to use technology. Voicethread was one thing that just hooked a bunch of teachers. It is easy to use. I hope we will do more with it this year. Here is one VoiceThread I made about how to find and use pictures provided by the program http://voicethread.com/share/706391/. My Twitter is jfriesen, Skype is janicefaustin , my professional website is http://jfriesen.net and my blog is http://malahinitx.blogspot.com

I am looking forward to another year of learning from you!

Hi, all!

I am an Ed Tech Specialist at an independent school. My primary responsibility is to support teaching and learning of technology tools for 400+ faculty, staff, and students. For the past two years I have introduced a number of Web 2.0 tools and the faculty has been adopting them VERY gradually. Over the summer a couple of teachers used VoiceThread for students to comments on the summer reading assignment. I am going to recommend they tap into this group as a resource.



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