What are appropriate ways to apply Powerpoint animated and colored presentation to help learners?

I have recently started using powerpoint to help my middle school math students learn math. I use animation that works in concert with comments and student interaction. At least that is my goal. I am concerned that I use powerpoint appropriately. Is my animation a distraction or does it draw student attention? Anything I have heard cautions that we be careful about animation and color because they may work to distract rather than cause the student to be focused.

I have attached some of my presentation and I am looking for ideas and input.

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I just received a new computer to hook up to my promethean board.  I have several files that I used to use on powerpoint.  Since they have hooked up the new computer, when I open powerpoint the first screen is about "what's new" and I can't close it out!  Any suggestions!?

Animation tools are really of great help. You can use them for your PPTs.

Good points! Media reading/writing ability brain research based learning, project based learning are all involved Powerpoint animated (ppt) .It important to cater/serve for visual/seeing learners in education. My point to add certain visual aids in our 'presentation' also benefits student learning because this procedure has a greater chance of engaging/ agreeable the different learning styles of our class. 



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