Due to the tight budget (thank you, Mister President) we are looking for a free or low-cost tool to check our students (middle and high) for plagiarized content. Yeah, we need high quality for a smart cost, Turnitin is totally out of our budget. Any suggestions?

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I had the same problem a year ago so I understand you very well. I was very angered by this because I think education sphere isn't the sphere where they should economies. I'd tried 3 checkers before I found the best alternative for me - Unicheck. Well, I thought about Grammarly at first, but it's also too expensive. Then I've tried PlagScan, but I was depressed while reading their report - it's so difficult to understand it! After that it was Copy space it, it gives pretty accurate report BUT I didn’t like their pricing model where you have to pay 5 cents per each copy check. Then finally I found Unicheck, which college recommend to me. It has a beautiful design, handy interface, and nice pricing. It’s been a year since I’ve started using it in a secondary and I like this checker. It’s the matter of taste, of course, but I can definitely say that it’s great alternative to Turnitin.

Hi, Lynn,
In our school, we use Unicheck plagiarism checker. This detection tool has a flexible pricing for any budget and demand, high-quality support, user-friendly interface and, also, it's accurate and fast.
Here you can find their pricing model: https://unicheck.com/prices

The topic seems old though. Maybe some new members will find my answer useful.

Turnitin has a very huge database. When I run the reports, I found Grammarly is the only tool which was close enough to the percentage of similarity.

The next was Plagiarism Checker X which was almost similar to it. Both are excellent tools and I don't find any other better alternatives to Turnitin.

I would recommend you to see this post - Best Free Turnitin Alternatives for You

I have used Grammarly in past for Grammar checking (And I still use it though). As a non-native English speaker, it have saved my ass several times. They also provide plagiarism checker (integrated) in premium plan. You can test it out if you are already using it.

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Yeah I know Turnitin is very expensive so you can easily find on Google by searching for cheap websites for students. You will get better alternatives on Google for low price for students. In my opinion the Google Education service is the best, you can check it. Now you can beat turnitin and get many new ideas and techniques to gain latest thoughts. I really appreciate to the author who added that kind of info.

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